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  • If possible, choose remote work
  • Maintain personal hygiene care
  • Be extra careful with older people
  • Avoid public places, crowds and closed rooms

Since the situation requires companies to adapt, we would like to know if:

  • Did you already had the opportunity to read the LISPOLIS Contingency Plan (aqui)
  • Has your company already created a Contingency Plan
  • Your company equates / is already promoting remote work

We remind you that the primary contact for support on Coronavirus is the number SNS24: 808 24 24 24 

EPL - PME Excelência 2019

EPL recognized with PME Excelência 2019 Award

EPL - Mechatronics and Robotics is a company that develops solutions in the sector of mechatronics and industrial robotics. This year, it was recognized with the PME Excelência 2019 award, a reputation seal that gives confidence to the businesses of distinguished companies and to the relations with their stakeholders.

IKI Technologies invests in the creation of inclusive products

IKI Technologies' mission is to support people with visual difficulties in their daily lives through the use of new technologies. In 2020, it will invest in the internationalization of its myEyes product and develop a new equipment for the final consumer, the Kit for the Blind, which aims to increase the autonomy of visually impaired people.
Personalização No Marketing

Personalization in Portuguese Companies’ Marketing

Personalization is a topic well debated by marketers. Customers are increasingly demanding and the concept of "one size fits all" has not existed for a long time. Each customer wants to be treated as unique and to be guaranteed an exclusive experience, suited to their consumption habits and desires.

I have a business idea. What now?

Since its conception, LISPOLIS has supported nascent projects. However, we know from experience that the idea is just the first step for the success of a company - careful planning, excellent execution and a strong commitment to market validation are required to go the rest of the way.

How can we boost the E-Commerce Market in Portugal?

E-Commerce has been developing over the last few years in Portugal, though it is commonly assumed to be lagging behind other realities, such as Brazil. However, large steps are being taken in the e-commerce community that will accelerate the growth of this economy in the upcoming years.

Spark2D and Tangível create UX Laboratory at LISPOLIS

LISPOLIS has been, since its conception, the preferred space for Research and Development by installed companies. In 2019, we reinforced this commitment with the creation of the first UX Laboratory (User eXperience) at the Technological Center of Lisbon.

Beamian invested by Portugal Ventures

Beamian is a technological product that offers an all-in-one event management solution consisting of a digital platform and several physical components. This project, installed at LISPOLIS since its creation, was recently invested by Portugal Ventures.

LISPOLIS promotes VR & AR events

LISPOLIS has been promoting monthly meetings of the Portuguese community of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). At these events, there is space for presentations on the state of the art of these technologies, debates about their future and even demonstrations of their practical applications.

3DModelling Studio wins SmartCatalonia Challenge

The Portuguese startup 3DModelling Studio, a technological Spin-Off from the Faculty of Architecture, won the SmartCatalonia Challenge 2019 competition with its solution for the automatic calculation of the weight and volume of waste from the port of Barcelona.
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