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  • If possible, choose remote work
  • Maintain personal hygiene care
  • Be extra careful with older people
  • Avoid public places, crowds and closed rooms

Since the situation requires companies to adapt, we would like to know if:

  • Did you already had the opportunity to read the LISPOLIS Contingency Plan (aqui)
  • Has your company already created a Contingency Plan
  • Your company equates / is already promoting remote work

We remind you that the primary contact for support on Coronavirus is the number SNS24: 808 24 24 24 


LISPOLIS is a private non-profit association established in 1991 with the objective of managing the Polo Tecnológico de Lisboa (PTL) and creating conditions for the success of the companies installed there.

It is the preferred location for the installation of technological and innovative companies, it offers rooms for small, medium or large companies (from startup to multinational), as well as Cowork spaces and Virtual Office and Brands services.

LISPOLIS is a contact point always available for companies and supports them in establishing strategic partnerships, in the search for investment solutions (Business Angels and Venture Capital) and financing (Banking, P2020 and H2020).


Strategic areas of action:

  1. Partnerships / Networks: Increase the collaboration of LISPOLIS with strategic actors such as Universities, Financing Entities and Companies;
  2. Knowledge: Insert LISPOLIS in the knowledge economy, installing companies that incorporate high knowledge and promoting the transfer of technology from R&D institutions to companies;
  3. Entrepreneurship: Promote entrepreneurship as a motivation for innovation, competitiveness and growth, supporting the incubation of new companies;
  4. Investment / Companies: Attract the installation of companies and anchor entities that contribute to the attraction of more companies;
  5. Internationalization: Promote the international notoriety of LISPOLIS collaborating with reference science and technology parks.


Current challenges for LISPOLIS:

  • Streamlining the LISPOLIS Community
  • Accelerating the Digital Transformation Process
  • 2019

    Modernization of the Technological Forum

    Start of the LISPOLIS Gamification Strategy

    Expansion of the mobility offer with the installation of LIME hotspots

  • 2018

    First Edition of the “E-Commerce Experience” acceleration program

    Beginning of the Management of 4 more Business Buildings located on the Lumiar Campus

  • 2017

    First Edition of the LISPOLIS Ideas Competition “StartupIN LISPOLIS”

    Installation of the European University in Lot 17 of PTL

  • 2016

    Celebration of the 25th anniversary of LISPOLIS

  • 2015

    Digital statement of LISPOLIS

  • 2014

    Definition of LISPOLIS ‘New Strategic Ambition

  • 2012

    Acquisition of Edifício Empresarial 12 in Lote 12 of PTL

  • 2010

    Start-up of the Edifício Empresarial 24 in Lote 24 of PTL

  • 2009

    Obtaining ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Certification Start-up of the Edifício Empresarial 25 in Lote 25 of PTL

  • 2008

    Management Contract for the Technological Pole of Lisbon (PTL) with the Institute for Support to Small and Medium Enterprises and Investment (IAPMEI), main holder of PTL

  • 2007

    Beginning of the Management of the M8 Business Building, located on the Lumiar Campus

  • 2006

    Start-up of the MOBISER Business Building in Lot 6 of the PTL

  • 2004

    New Management Contract signed with INETI

  • 2001

    Membership of the Portuguese Association of Science and Technology Parks (TECPARQUES)
    Start-up of the Edifício Empresarial 17 in Lot 17 of PTL

  • 2000

    Management Contract with the National Institute of Engineering, Technology and Innovation (INETI), currently IAPMEI
    PTL Business Buildings 3 and 4 start operating

  • 1997

    Start-up of the Technological Forum and its Auditorium with a capacity for 500 people

  • 1996

    Membership of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP)

  • 1994

    Reception of the first company at the Incubation and Development Center

  • 1992

    Beginning of LISPOLIS activity and construction of the Incubation and Development Center (CID) in Lot 1

  • 1991

    Constitution of LISPOLIS – Association for the Polo Tecnológico de Lisboa

Administrative Council:

President – IBEROPARK, represented by Comendador Dr. Jorge Rocha de Matos

Vice-President – CEDINTEC, represented by Dr. António Henrique Gomes Almeida

Vice-President – CM LISBOA, represented by Dr. Nuno Caleia Rodrigues

Vogal – IAPMEI, represented by Dr. António José Cardoso Pereira (Deputy Administrator)

Vogal – IST, represented by Prof. Luís Miguel Veiga Vaz Caldas e Oliveira


Fiscal Council:

President – Maximiano Martins

Vogal – Sónia Pinheiro

ROC – BDO & Associados, SROC, Lda., represented by Rui Carlos Lourenço Helena


Board of the General Meeting:

President – IAPMEI, represented by Dr. Francisco José da Fonseca Nunes e Sá

Secretary – Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, represented by Dr. Diogo Moura

Secretary – FCUL, represented by Prof. Jorge Maia Alves

Sara Freitas

Policy and Market Inteligence at APREN

Soraia Caetano

Project Manager at BGI

Teresa Vieira

Member of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Comission at Teclabs

Artur Amaral

General Manager at Crayon


Investor at Olisipo Way and Host of Bitalk

Bruno Carvalho

Diretor at Ilex Space

Carlos Telles

General Manager at Up & Running

Paulo Bandeira

Investor at REDangels and Lawyer at SRS Legal

Diogo Henriques

Founder of Genoa Spark


Startup Spotter & Early-stage Investor at Olisipo Way

António Cardoso Pereira


Giorgio Galli

Associate Lawyer - Corporate & Finance at SRS Legal

João Antão

Head of Experience & Customers at Govwise

João Calado

Head of Marketing at SGS

João Silva Rodrigues

Head of Global Biosciences Centre of Excellence at SGS

Marco Miguel

Founding Partner of Ativa

Martinho Matos

VC Investor at Bynd

Miguel Catela

CEO at Flowinn

Nuno Cunha

Founder and CEO at Avaanz

Pierre Gein

Executive Director at Center for Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship)


Estrada do Paço do Lumiar 44
1600-546 Lisboa

National fixed network call
(+351) 217 101 700
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