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  • If possible, choose remote work
  • Maintain personal hygiene care
  • Be extra careful with older people
  • Avoid public places, crowds and closed rooms

Since the situation requires companies to adapt, we would like to know if:

  • Did you already had the opportunity to read the LISPOLIS Contingency Plan (aqui)
  • Has your company already created a Contingency Plan
  • Your company equates / is already promoting remote work

We remind you that the primary contact for support on Coronavirus is the number SNS24: 808 24 24 24 

LISPOLIS reinforces its strategy to the next months

September always marks a return to work and the challenges we set ourselves. This year, LISPOLIS will continue to focus on the three fundamental pillars that define its value proposition: community, infrastructure and brand.

Por Cíntia Costa e Pedro Rebordão


LISPOLIS renews its intention to be the best space to work in Lisbon and offer the best conditions for installation, networking and helping companies meet their needs while residing in the Technological Center of Lisbon.

To this end, LISPOLIS continues to invest in the creation of a stronger community, through events and the support offered to installed companies, in the construction of better spaces and services more suited to the companies’ needs, and in the recognition and reputation of its brand, both internally and externally.




LISPOLIS is committed to creating an increasingly collaborative and dynamic community at the Technological Park of Lisbon, and for this purpose, it not only intends to be the home of the most innovative companies in the country, but also intends to host projects from all over the world through softlanding protocols.

In the near future, LISPOLIS will welcome new companies and projects of strategic interest, with emphasis on SGS and CNS, entities that will build their facilities in lots 11 and 23, respectively, in order to install their investigation centers here. In the case of SGS, its laboratory area and the certification and research departments will be integrated in the same space, the latter with a strong university connection to FCUL. The CNS, on the other hand, will install its area of ​​research in neurological diseases, movement diseases and neurodegenerative diseases at the Technological Center of Lisbon, with specialization in Parkinson’s Disease.

For LISPOLIS, Community is synonymous with Sharing. In this sense, LISPOLIS invests in initiatives and events that allow the exchange of ideas between promoters of companies, whether they have decades of experience and market knowledge or they are now entering a new market.

The most recent example of this knowledge sharing is the E-Commerce Experience acceleration program, which will start on September 26th at the Technological Forum, through the organization of the Bootcamp, an event that marks the beginning and to which LISPOLIS invites all companies to better understand the e-commerce market in Portugal. This program allows 20 companies of different sizes and sectors to exchange experiences for the continuous improvement of their E-commerce.

Networking also plays a key role here: LISPOLIS gains more value when interactions between installed companies add value to their businesses, through the creation of fruitful partnerships or the exchange and sale of services internally, instead of hiring companies outside the Technological Park of Lisbon.

At this point, LISPOLIS has the challenge of managing and nurture the community, with the creation of events such as networking breakfasts and thematic meetings, as is the case of the monthly VR / AR meetups or the Founder Institute’s Networking Nights.

LISPOLIS bet in 2019 also involves creating new gamification dynamics, in order to involve all company employees in its processes. The offer of access to the Web Summit by LISPOLIS will be an example of these dynamics this year, since it will be the target of a strategy that aims to involve the entire LISPOLIS community.



LISPOLIS wants to continue to improve the infrastructure that houses the 125 installed companies, and to that end it will promote the improvement of traffic / parking management, accessibility, transport and public health services and new community support services.

A big bet will be on improving the working conditions of companies in common spaces, such as meeting rooms and video calls.

One of the goals established for 2019 is to make new offers available to companies in expansion, whether companies already installed at the Technological Center of Lisbon or new companies, through the creation of favorable installation conditions in buildings J and M6 on the IAPMEI Campus, which are now under the management of LISPOLIS.

Mobility is also a major challenge that LISPOLIS has embraced since the beginning of the year in order to facilitate the improvement of access to the Technological Park of Lisbon. To this end, alternatives were created, such as the pilot project Z-Floating, which for 3 months allowed the free use of 30 scooters to the LISPOLIS community between the Carnide metro and the IAPMEI Campus, or currently the 3 LIME scooter hotspots. On the other hand, LISPOLIS is working to increase the offer of charging points for Electric Vehicles, exclusively for its community.

LISPOLIS ‘effort to ensure better Accessibility is to allow companies not to have concerns with the space where they are in, nor with the access of employees and visitors, and thus be able to focus exclusively on their work activity, with all guaranteed working conditions.




LISPOLIS has been working on its brand, which today is already recognized by many companies and entities related to entrepreneurship in Portugal, and is also gaining a lot of notoriety in Brazil, largely due to its work of intensifying partnerships with actors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In the next months, LISPOLIS maintains its goal of becoming more and more the reference in Portugal for supporting entrepreneurship and a space that welcomes, in addition to companies and events, networking and matchmaking initiatives, so that any company can go to LISPOLIS if it is looking for the ideal partner to grow its business. Only with a strong brand will LISPOLIS ensure that installed companies gain greater prominence in the market.



To achieve the goals set, LISPOLIS will involve all installed companies so that the improvement is made through feedback, in order to go further through the companies sharing and cooperation processes. The objective is that LISPOLIS is increasingly the point of support for all companies’ needs and is able to continue to grow with them.

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