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  • If possible, choose remote work
  • Maintain personal hygiene care
  • Be extra careful with older people
  • Avoid public places, crowds and closed rooms

Since the situation requires companies to adapt, we would like to know if:

  • Did you already had the opportunity to read the LISPOLIS Contingency Plan (aqui)
  • Has your company already created a Contingency Plan
  • Your company equates / is already promoting remote work

We remind you that the primary contact for support on Coronavirus is the number SNS24: 808 24 24 24 

Blood Donation at LISPOLIS

    Entidade:  LISPOLIS e IPST
Next June 19 there will be a blood donation session by the Portuguese Institute of Blood and Transplantation at the Technological Forum, at LISPOLIS (Rua Cupertino de Miranda, Lot 7).



The collection of the donation will take place between 09.00 and 13.00 hours and to participate it is mandatory to register in one of the available schedules - just send an email to indicating the preferred time (the markings are 20 in 20 minutes).


And why participate:

- For people - because there are always people needing blood and a small gesture like this gift can save lives

- For companies - by participating in this type of activity, your company gains more value in terms of social responsibility


In this specific case the donation will be made at LISPOLIS, 2 minutes walk from the facilities of the 115 companies of the Technological Polo, so it will be a quick and easy process.



Here are the 10 advices we offer to those who will give blood


Register now HERE!
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