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  • If possible, choose remote work
  • Maintain personal hygiene care
  • Be extra careful with older people
  • Avoid public places, crowds and closed rooms

Since the situation requires companies to adapt, we would like to know if:

  • Did you already had the opportunity to read the LISPOLIS Contingency Plan (aqui)
  • Has your company already created a Contingency Plan
  • Your company equates / is already promoting remote work

We remind you that the primary contact for support on Coronavirus is the number SNS24: 808 24 24 24 

“What Will Change in Public Procurement in Portugal”

    Entidade:  LISPOLIS e SRS Advogados
On June 20, the free event "What will change in public procurement in Portugal" will be held at the Veiga Simão Auditorium in LISPOLIS with SRS Advogados, which will feature speaker Dr. José Luís Moreira da Silva.

The objective of this conference will be to announce the new rules that will be in force in Portugal for those who want to sell goods or services to public entities. You can sign up for free here!

Check out the conference program here:
I. Public procurement in Portugal

- Main issues

- Current state


II. Main changes to the Code

- European Imposition

- Government Goals

- Summary of amendments



III. What will change in public procurement in Portugal

- The scope of application

- The choice of procedures - material value / criterion

- New procedures

- Proposal submission and evaluation

- Abnormally low price

- Awarding - the cost of the life cycle

- The bond

- The performance of the contract

- The subcontractor

- The extra work

- The arbitration



IV. The new life of IMPIC



V. Conclusions

- Many changes, some of which are relevant

- What remained to change

"How will you sell to the state tomorrow?"
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