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Since the situation requires companies to adapt, we would like to know if:

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Brazil – Portugal: Entrepreneurship & Digital Transformation

    Entidade:  Karla Passeri & LISPOLIS
What are the similarities and differences between Digital in Brazil and Portugal?


We gathered big names from the Portuguese-Brazilian digital market to talk about opportunities, events, the job market, educational institutions, among other topics that affect the economy of both countries. This event is called "Brazil - Portugal: Entrepreneurship & Digital Transformation" and will take place on November 14, from 16:30, at LISPOLIS.


Karla Passeri, currently Head of Communication and Marketing at Embelleze Portugal, will present a lecture on these themes and then stimulate a debate where she will receive several guests:

  • Angelo Alberoni: Communication Director of the Portuguese Luso Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Portugal

  • Nino Carvalho: International Consultant, Teacher and Speaker

  • Rafael Soares: Managing Director of Digitalks Portugal

  • Ingrid da Matta: Cultural Entrepreneur between Brazil-Portugal

  • Julia Gravano: Creative Entrepreneur

  • Felipe Girão: Digital Performance Entrepreneur


Check out the main topics to cover:

  • Brazil - Portugal Expectations: change profiles

  • Differences between Brazil - Portugal Academic Scenarios

  • Similarities and differences of the two labor markets

  • Digital Market Numbers: Brazil vs Portugal

  • Undertaking in Brazil and Portugal: the history of those who have already done so


Sign up here now! Admission is free and will also be a great space for networking.
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