LISPOLIS is a non-profitable private organization founded in 1991. Its main goal is to manage Polo Tecnológico de Lisboa (Lisbon’s Technological Park) where all the conditions are created in order to guarantee the success of all the companies installed.


At Polo Tecnológico de Lisboa we are trying to provide a favorable habitat to welcome growing companies, specially those focused on technology and innovation. Several support services are on disposal at our Park: logistic space for companies to settle, cowork spaces, virtual incubation services (for those who wish only to have a mail box service) and brand registration services. All these services are complemented by spaces for meetings and auditoriums up to 500 people.


But LISPOLIS is much more than just space availability. At Polo Tecnológico de Lisboa we give all the support companies need to achieve their goals as fast as they can, helping them establishing strategic partnerships and finding investment solutions (such as Business Angels and Ventures) and financing solutions (like banking, P2020 and H2020).




LISPOLIS is also a member of Rede de Incubadoras de Lisboa (Made Of Lisboa), of TECPARQUES – Associação Portuguesa de Parques de Ciência e Tecnologia, of IASP – International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation and is also Ignition Partner of Portugal Ventures.



Strategic Acting Bullets:

  1. Partnerships / Networks: Increase cooperation between LISPOLIS and Universities, Financing Entities and Companies;
  2. Knowledge: Make LISPOLIS part of the knowledge economy, by installing innovative and highly sapient companies that will tranfer knowledge from I&D institutions to companies;
  3. Entrepreneurship: Promote entrepreneurship as motivation to innovation, competitiveness and growth, supporting new companies to emerge;
  4. Investment / Companies: Lure companies and anchor entities that can appeal to other companies installation at LISPOLIS;
  5. Internationalization: Promote the international recognition of LISPOLIS by cooperating with several other Scientific and Technological Parks.



Current Challenges of LISPOLIS:

  • Invigorate LISPOLIS’ Community
  • Accelerate the Digital Transformation Process


  • 2019

    Modernization of the Technological Forum
    Start of the LISPOLIS Gamification Strategy
    Expansion of the mobility offer with the installation of LIME hotspots

  • 2018

    First Edition of the “E-Commerce Experience” acceleration program
    Start of the Management of 4 more Corporate Buildings located on the Lumiar Campus

  • 2017

    First Edition of the LISPOLIS Ideas Competition “StartupIN LISPOLIS”
    Installation of the European University in Lot 17 of PTL

  • 2016

    Celebration of LISPOLIS 25th Birthday

  • 2015

    Digital Presence of LISPOLIS is reinforced

  • 2014

    A New Strategic Ambition of LISPOLIS is defined

  • 2012

    LISPOLIS acquires Edifício Empresarial 12 (Plot 12 of PTL)

  • 2010

    Opening of Edifício Empresarial 24 (Plot 24 of PTL)

  • 2009

    LISPOLIS gets Quality Certification ISO 9001:2008
    Opening of Edifício Empresarial 25 (Plot 25 of PTL)

  • 2008

    New Management Contract of Polo Tecnológico de Lisboa (PTL) with Instituto de Apoio às Pequenas e Médias Empresas e ao Investimento (IAPMEI), main owner of PTL

  • 2007

    Beginning of the Management of Edifício Empresarial M8, located on Campus do Lumiar

  • 2006

    Opening of Edifício Empresarial 6 (Plot 6 of PTL)

  • 2004

    New Management Contract signed with INETI

  • 2001

    LISPOLIS becomes a member of Associação Portuguesa de Parques de Ciência e Tecnologia (TECPARQUES)
    Opening of Edifício Empresarial 17 (Plot 17 of PTL)

  • 2000

    Management Agreement with Instituto Nacional de Engenharia, Tecnologia e Inovação (INETI)
    Opening of Edifício Empresarial 3 and 4 (plots 3 and 4 of Polo Tecnológico de Lisboa)

  • 1997

    First event at Fórum Tecnológico’s Auditorium, which can hold up to 500 people

  • 1996

    LISPOLIS becomes a member of International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP)

  • 1994

    First company installed on Centro de Incubação e Desenvolvimento (CID) on Plot 1

  • 1992

    Beginning of LISPOLIS’ activity and start of Centro de Incubação e Desenvolvimento (CID)’s construction on Plot 1

  • 1991

    Foundation of LISPOLIS – Associação para o Polo Tecnológico de Lisboa