The Facilities

LISPOLIS has several spaces for technological and innovative startups and companies in Centro de Incubação e Desenvolvimento (Plot 1 of Polo Tecnológico de Lisboa) and Edifício Empresarial 3 (Plot 3). LISPOLIS has incubating services, office services, cowork spaces (up to 8 people), virtual incubation services (for those who wish only to have a mail box service) and brand registration services.

There are offices from 18 to 140 square meters, several meeting rooms, a 24/7 reception service, a cafeteria, bathrooms in every floor of the buildings, common spaces and all the needed services for companies to start working as soon as they are installed.


All companies at LISPOLIS have full support establishing strategic partnerships with our network, finding financing investments or finding sollutions for what they need to grow faster.




There are 12 plots available, with surface areas from 750 to 1.500m2, where companies can build their own buildings with 3 floors above the ground, suitable specially for medium and big companies. These plots are given in surface rights for a 50 year deadline, and some plots have already a pre-approved project at Lisbon’s City Hall, which allows companies to build their offices in about a year.