Z-Floating Project launches at LISPOLIS

January 18, 2019 11:24 am

Within the scope of the Program promoted by the Lisbon City Council – Smart Open Innovation 3.0 – Vertical Mobility, the Z-Floating Pilot started on 17 December at LISPOLIS (Lisbon Technological Polo), involving 30 electric scooters that will be of free and limited use exclusive to the employees of companies based in LISPOLIS and to the collaborators and students of the European University, which has a school in LISPOLIS and another one in Quinta do Bom Nome, next to the Carnide Metro.


The pilot area is restricted to the area of ​​the Technological Park of Lisbon and cycle path from Prague’s City Avenue to Quinta do Bom Nome, thus testing a mobility solution that helps users overcome the distance between the Carnide Metro and LISPOLIS , according to the map below.

Virtual Docks

Virtual Docks



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Know more here: Projeto_Z-floating.