Portugal Ventures launches Call for Tourism

October 8, 2018 2:32 pm

It opened on October 3 the Call for Tourism of Portugal Ventures, which seeks innovative tourism projects that bring to the market products and services with added value for the tourist experience, taking advantage of aspects such as history, art, architecture, heritage cultural and natural.


Call For Tourism aims to stimulate the creation of startups and the development of global, national or regional tourism businesses.

In the analysis of projects submitted to Call for Tourism, non-technological projects in the areas of Tourism Accommodation (Design Hotels, Eco-resorts, Glamping, Houseboats), Tourist Animation Activities, Tour Operators, Wine Tourism, Theme Parks, Nautical Tourism and Equestrian Tourism.

Also eligible in this call are technology-based projects in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, AR / VR, IoT, Electronics, Mobile, Clean Tech, Robotics, Marketplaces, which develop platforms or other digital tools that show improvements in the tourist enjoyment of cultural heritage and of the country and / or the efficiency of tourism companies.



Projects must be promoted by companies already incorporated or to be set up, located in Portugal (mainland or islands), at the seed, startup or early stage stage, which have until the moment of the investment less than 7 complete financial years, from the start date of activity.



The projects selected for investment will benefit, in addition to the close monitoring of the Portugal Ventures team in the management of the operation and strategic decisions, the synergies created between Portugal Ventures and Turismo de Portugal to promote companies and businesses in Portugal and the World .



For Pedro de Mello Breyner, Executive Board Member of Portugal Ventures, responsible for Tourism, “At a time when Tourism is one of the most dynamic sectors of the Portuguese economy, Call For Tourism responds to the need to provide companies with an adequate permanent capital structure and create conditions for the financing of entrepreneurship in the sector, in order to meet an increasingly demanding market, with the investment in innovative solutions that allow the continuous growth of the sector. This is a new phase of Portugal Ventures that wants to invest, not only in technological solutions, but also in innovative projects in the areas of accommodation and tourist animation. ”


All applications must be submitted through the Portugal Ventures’ website via a simplified form.
In the preparation and qualification of the projects, the entrepreneurs will be able to benefit from the support and guidance of one of the entities of the Ignition Partners Network of Portugal Ventures, among which is LISPOLIS.

In close collaboration with Turismo de Portugal, Call for Tourism aims to identify startups and businesses that respond to the challenges identified in the FIT – Fostering Innovation in Tourism program, namely, projects that promote sustainable mobility, intelligent management and regional deconcentration and seasonal demand, indoor tourism promotion, year-round tourist promotion, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and social and environmental sustainability.


As such, Portugal Ventures will promote Call for Tourism, integrating the Roadshow carried out by Turismo de Portugal, mapping the North, Center and South of the Country, in cities like Coimbra, Évora and Faro. On September 26th, Portugal Ventures starts this trip at the Tourism Explorers event.


About Portugal Ventures

Portugal Ventures is a venture capital company whose mission is to pro-actively invest in startups in all phases of development, betting on its growth, competitiveness and internationalization capacity.

Considered by CB Insights as the most active venture capital in Portugal, Portugal Ventures, since 2012, has invested more than 120 million euros in more than 100 startups. In the area of ​​Tourism, Portugal Ventures currently manages a portfolio of 15 companies, having already invested some 26 million euros in this sector.