3rd and 4th Meetings of Centralized Technical Management

Entity: APIRAC


APIRAC will hold, on November 15 at LISPOLIS and on November 22 in Oporto, the III and IV Meetings of Centralized Technical Management, which will have as its theme “The new policies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings and their implications in Systems of Technical Management “. The LISPOLIS companies enjoy special conditions of access to the Lisbon session.


New EPBD and New Version of Standard EN15232:

The European regulatory framework has undergone significant changes with the publication of EN15232 in May 2017 and the recent publication of Directive 2018/844 on 30 May 2018 on the energy performance of buildings (new EPBD) .

Directive 2018/844 reinforces the measures already proposed to the various member states in 2010, with a huge focus on buildings with almost zero energy needs (NZEB), be they new buildings (mandatory in public buildings by the end of 2018 and in private buildings by the end of 2020) or deep transformations in existing buildings. This directive highlights the key role of building automation in achieving this NZEB classification by creating an aptitude indicator for intelligent technologies to be used to measure the capacity of buildings to use information and communication technologies and electronic systems for the purpose of adapt the operation of the building to the needs of the occupants and the network, as well as to improve its energy efficiency and overall performance.


In turn, the publication of a new version of EN15232 standard increases the degree of requirement for assignment of the various classes of technical management systems, namely Class C, mandatory in Portugal for buildings with a thermal power equal to or greater than 250kW.


The new wording of the ADENE Questions and Answers (FAQs) related to the SCE, and the technological evolution, which in recent years has taken place in the technical building management market, massifying web solutions and introducing cloud computing, a review of the type architectures of the presented systems.



Technical Guide of Technical Management Systems | Second edition

It is in this context that, in keeping with the main objectives of the first edition – compilation and dissemination of legislation and technologies in academic and professional circles – APIRAC’s Committee on Technical Building Management Systems, in good time decided to publish the second edition of the Guide Technician of Systems of Technical Management. This new edition, which is now available to various market players, aims to be a source of knowledge, updating and contributing to a better energy performance of buildings, and better environmental performance.