AICEP promotes “How to Sell in – USA Market”

Entity: AICEP


AICEP will carry out the “How to Sell On – US Market” actions at its facilities in Lisbon, on November 19 and 20, and in Oporto, on November 21, 22 and 23, 2018, respectively.


These actions consist of personalized market consulting, through individual meetings (1 hour each), with the representative of the Network Point in New York, Manuel Couto Miranda who travels to Portugal for this purpose, being a unique opportunity for companies and an open-door facilitator for future contacts.


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Aimed mainly at exporting SMEs, these initiatives aim to respond to concrete questions posed by the companies in their Registration Forms, providing the participants, through information and individualized advice, solutions tailored to their needs, covering all phases of the process of business internationalization and focusing on all relevant aspects of the international business (examples of the broad range of affordable issues: specific regulatory aspects, marketing and distribution channels best suited to each case, difficulties and opportunities for each company’s products and services, sector specific information about the product / service in the market, applicable rules casuistically, investment in the market and other matters considered appropriate).


Continuing the good bilateral economic relationship between Portugal and the US, these actions intensify the diplomatic efforts that have been made with the objective of increasing mutual trade and investment, taking advantage of the immense business potential yet to be exploited that the new opportunities in the gigantic North American market provide Portuguese companies, both in terms of exports, in all sectors of activity and taking advantage of the excellence of our most qualified and innovative offer, as well as the investment perspective, R & D partnerships and technological cooperation.


The US is a major and strategic partner for the Portuguese business community because of its importance as the largest economy in the world, due to its size (around 326 million consumers), as our 5th external customer and 1st extra-community by the complementarity of the most sophisticated American demand, of high purchasing power and of European products, with the characteristics of the best that our offer has to offer, combining a mix of strategy, quality, innovation, marketing, design and price, meets the highest standards of demand in a market as competitive and competitive as the North American.


Participation in this US CVE has a cost of € 147.60 (VAT included), per company, to be made after acceptance of the application and validation of the application.


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