Elevator Pitch – IdeiasQueMarcam

March 12, 2018 3:48 pm

The European Commission Representation has launched another edition of the ‘Elevator Pitch – IdeiasQueMarcam’ competition, which aims to reward innovative projects and ideas with the offer of training and a monetary value to support the start-up of these projects.



This year, the ‘Elevator Pitch – IdeiasQueMarcam’ has a different model from previous editions, with two prizes: the ‘Elevator Pitch’ Prize and ‘Digital Democracy’ Prize.



The first will include technology-based and digital projects in areas such as Industry 4.0 and e-commerce, European cybersecurity and data economy, smart cities and network technologies, health and well-being, intelligent agriculture and circular economy, media and culture digital, digital society and sustainability and artificial intelligence.



As for the Special Prize ‘Digital Democracy’, it aims to highlight technological and digital projects that promote civic empowerment and the active participation of citizens in democratic life.



During the submission period, which ends on 25 March, seedcamps will be held, sessions consisting of a part of clarifications on the preparation of applications and a part of training and mentoring in the design of the business model.



The seedcamps will take place in several cities of the country:
• March 6, at Scale Up Porto.
• March 7, at Startup Braga.
• March 8, at the Instituto Empresarial do Tâmega, in Amarante.
• March 14, at the University of Aveiro
• March 15, at the Pedro Nunes Institute in Coimbra.
• March 16, in the Science and Technology Park, in Évora.



At the end of the application deadline, 12 finalist projects will be selected, which will have access to various training actions, namely Bootcamp, which will address management topics, fundamental for entrepreneurship training, Coaching, where business models will be developed and the Pitch review, an opportunity for the teams to present their project to a feedback jury that has the function of constructively criticizing the presentations, helping to improve them before the presentations to the jury of the contest session.



More information here.