Open applications for PME Innovation Network by COTEC

June 17, 2019 9:07 am

Created over a decade ago, the PME Innovation Network has as its mission to contribute to the collaboration between innovative companies operating in several sectors of activity, through a set of different instruments made available by COTEC. Of particular note is the diagnosis of innovation processes, benchmarking and dissemination of good practices, professional networking events, knowledge management platforms, as well as strengthening links with scientific and technological entities or public support institutions to innovation.

The network currently has more than 240 members and has contributed to the growth and competitiveness of enterprises as well as established standards of good innovation practices that have been the object of demonstration and distinction. In this context, the COTEC-BPI SME Innovation Award recognizes the merit of SMEs from all sectors of economic activity that demonstrate a high capacity to manage innovation processes and, through a credible commitment to a culture of management oriented towards innovation, new horizons of business growth.


In the 2019 edition, the deadline for submission of applications ends on July 12, and the results are announced at a ceremony to be held at the end of this year.

If you are an innovative SME, you can apply to the SME Innovation Network COTEC. In the application process, the maturity and performance of the company’s innovation processes will be evaluated through the Innovation Scoring system, accessible at

The integration and maintenance of the companies in the SME Innovation Network COTEC presupposes the adhesion as Associate of COTEC Portugal.


See the Regulation of the SME Innovation Network COTEC